Group courses
In the Lernforum, we are committed to ensuring that there is for every subject a course that takes place in small and homogeneous groups, from 3 to 6 participants/pupils (when it is not provided on individual basis).

The course is organized in 2 successive stages: intensive learning and then interactive or group studying.

During the intensive stage, the teacher deals with the individual problems and needs of a pupil, while the others carry on practicing or try to finish the work they have been assigned to.

During the interactive or group stage, the problems encountered by every pupil are related to the others. This stage allows the various studying groups (those can have learning difficulties, be highly talented, teenagers, students, trainees, adults or elderly persons) to obtain individual support. Everyone can experience a good mixture of concentration, common and further learning in a targeted manner, learning from each other and giving mutual motivation.

Individual courses

Individual courses can also be provided upon request. It make sense when you wish to prepare yourself for a specific exam or if you need for instance to learn quickly a language so that you can feel confident to go abroad.

The use of different educational materials (such as modern teaching and learning media equipment) makes our concept a success.


Our overall objective is to provide useful tuitions and effective learning support to students, young people, trainees, adults and elderly people. The Lernforum provides also computer courses available for every category of age. Children are led in a fun way to familiarize themselves with new technologies and adults with patience and tact.

"Learning to learn" is our motto for pupils from grade 1 to 13 (primary and secondary school) and who want to learn how to plan their time, how to understand the basic conditions of learning and how to use the different learning techniques in an effective way.
To attend our tutoring courses helps to improve academic performances, in particular through the preparation of examinations conducted at school.

The participant to our courses will be intensively supported to prepare well for his/her exams. As far as the pupils from the upper-level are concerned, the "independent learning" module should apply. What is here taken into account is the change of the learning situation. The participants will learn new techniques that they will be able to use individually or within the group.

Through the various courses provided by the lernforum, we will help you to prepare for specific courses that will allow you to get a school, university degree or a professional or vocational qualification. For instance preparation of the Abitur etc...

Collaboration with specialized teachers

To make more sense, our private tuitions are characterized by regular exchange between the Lernforum and specialized teachers from public schools. We believe that this regular exchange of information between the Lernforum and specialized teachers from public schools should not be underestimated since it is beneficial to everyone.

The Lernforum wants to exchange with the teachers about existing gaps, development and progress of every individual pupil and discuss about the more appropriated programmes to be taken up by the pupils. Thanks to a regular contact with our team of support, teachers from pubic schools will be more aware of learning gaps that generate problems encountered by every pupil. They will be attentive to the rise of performance and will boost the self-confidence of pupils even for small improvements. The interest for development will be thus for teachers stronger and reinforced, such interest could otherwise decrease to the disadvantage of the pupil in a daily big class.

The Lernforum will also endorse the role of a mediator between parents and teachers and will encourage dialogue and suggest proposals as solutions.